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Relying on those who have studied the history and culture of the area in which they live, means fully enjoying their experience of visiting Turin.

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Your first time in Turin

For those who visit the city for the first time, and for those who want to discover its new aspects, Turin's DOC guides will take you on a walk in the historic center, reviving its millenary history.
From the imposing Palatine gates of Roman times, we will pass through streets, alleys and squares where evidence of medieval times are visible, we will continue the tour stopping in front of baroque churches, we will enter some of the elegant atriums of noble palaces and royal residences, often celebrated in the XVIII century in the travel diaries of nobles from all over Europe.

Art Connections

Guided tours online is Theatrum Sabaudiae's digital guided tour service that allows you to enter Piedmont's museums, exhibitions and art sites. Connection after connection, it will be possible to live immersive experiences by crossing geographical distances and breaking down barriers to visit even the least accessible places. Exclusive high-quality photographic and video images allow you to appreciate even the smallest details of the works. Experienced guides from the area are connected live to take you through the journey and answer your questions and curiosities. That sense of exclusivity and belonging that is perceived by participating in an exclusive visit remains a value at the center of our appointments. 

Chronicles of other times. Unusual route on Turin and the Po

We propose you a tour in the 19th century Turin to breathe the atmosphere of modernity that the city was experiencing at the time.

The city of silence

Historical and artistic itineraries at the Monumental Cemetery of Turin.
Turin's Monumental Cemetery contains a prestigious historical and artistic heritage and, like many other similar sites, is one of the tourist destinations for art lovers.
Two are the themes that will lead the participants, among the avenues of the cypresses, to approach the works, authors, characters and religious rites.


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